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If anyone can help or has a general idea on this topic, please reply! I have GAD and have been on xanax, buspar, and zoloft for years now. At one time, I was up to 6mg of xanax a day, but eventually weaned myself down to .5mg a day. I have been on .5mg for a number of years now. However, after doing well, for the most part, I had a major relapse in late January of this year. I was desperate for relief, but wouldn't up my dosage until I could see my shrink at the health center. He refused to let me take more xanax and instead prescribed me wellbutrin. I took it for about a week and my mental state was growing worse and worse. I was having suicidal thoughts real bad. I made another appointment at the center and thankfully saw a different doctor than I usually see. She gave me permission to take extra xanax and I was so relieved! After a few days of taking a little extra,which was generally just an extra .25 to .5mg a day, I started feeling back to my usual self, so I went back down to my regular dosage of .5mg of xanax a day. For about a week I was doing so fine! Then last Friday, I had another major relapse of the anxiety!! I was crushed! I started doing a lot of online research and saw that many folks are helped by beta-blocker drugs, such as Atenelol. I went to my GP yesterday and he agreed to put me on it, especially since my bp was like 161/101. I was prescribed 25mg in the morning and 25mg at nite. I haven't seen any overall change in my anxiety level, but as of right now, I've only taken 2 doses-one last night and one earlier today. I will go to bed shortly and take my third dose. What I am wondering is this: should I have seen results this soon, or is it one of those drugs that has to be built up in my system for a week or so? I was so anxy this morning that I had a crying spell and called the health center and made another appointment with a shrink. I won't see the nice lady shrink again as Friday was her last day. :( I go back to the center on Monday. At least I won't see my original shrink that wouldn't help me with a little extra xanax! You may be wondering why I'm having to go back for another doctor's permission to take extra xanax again. It is because I told the lady shrink on my follow-up with her that I was doing okay and was back down to my regular dosage. I could kick myself! I have no idea how this new doctor will be. I have wondered if I should suggest another med such as Ativan or Klonipin or just see if he'll okay extra xanax. I know this is a long drawn out post and I apologize, but I'm trying really hard to be as specific as possible and try not to confuse anyone. BTW, I've been on the max. dose of Zoloft for over 10 years now. Thank you for reading my questions and again, PLEASE reply if you have any advice or similar experiences. I'm so scared and dread waking up in the morning. Please help!

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