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I usually post on the depression board, but like you, my anxiety is an equal part of my illness. It seems like they go hand in hand to me. It's been over 20 years that I have been treated for both. The panic attacks I have been blessed with are horrible, also.

Right now I'm coming out of a huge bout of depression. My Dr. put me on lexapro and it seems to be working. However, when I'm depressed I am also anxious. I take xanax and librium for my anxiety. Things are so complicated with both hitting at the same time. Like you, I have been tested a few times for bipolar, but that's not how I am. That was ruled out from the beginning. My depression never really goes away, but it gets easier to manage at times. The anxiety can come from out of the blue.

I hope you find some relief and please keep in touch....TC....Connie

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