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I am into my 4th week of Lexapro 10mgs a day, and I feel so exhausted all day long. Before starting this medicine I was always full of energy, just always had anxiety attacks. It's nice not having the attacks as often, but my goodness no wonder why weight gain is such an issue with this med. I feel like laying on the couch all day. And I cannot do that I have 3 kiddos age 4 and younger, I need to keep up with them. My Mom take Effexor and has none of these side effects. I am going to the doctor in a couple of days for a follow up...any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
lexapro and effexor are different types of antidepressants and if mom is doing well, then you may be better swapping to it as what works for a family member often works for a descendant
L is SSRI type
E is a SNRI type

with your fatigue still there after 4 weeks, effexor amy be better for you,10 of lexapro is the smallest effective dose for anxiety

I agree the panic attacks arent nice, I had them for 20 years without knowing what they were, but they cant hurt you

when having a panic attack, breathe deep and slow, dont tense up or fight back and be patient, some valium always helps
It made me tired too, but it sure does work for my anxiety!
My sister takes Lexapro, 10mg and she is tired all the time. My hubby takes it but he doesn't seem to be as bad. Really confusing!!
I took Lexparo for 2 years @ 20 mg a day and it absolutely drained me! I felt like a walking zombie a majority of the time I was on it. Because of that and the drastic weight gain I experienced I weened off of it.

GooD LuCk!

-Angela :angel:
Hi :wave:

I started lexapro recently and at first it made me sleepy. I started cutting it in half, taking 5mg's in the morning and 5mg's in the afternoon. That stopped the tired feeling. I was starting to think the smaller dose was all I needed (5mg) but I'm used to it now and I'm able to take the full 10mg's in the morning. Between the lexapro and xanax, I'm feeling a lot better.

I haven't had a weight gain. but I haven't been on it long enough for that to happen. I hope you find what works for you and makes you feel better.

Take Care...Connie

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