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I am a newbie to anxiety, started 10mg of Cipralex (samething as Lexapro) and xanax as needed four months ago. I was doing the samething. I totally stressed myself out thinking I had a brain tumor for over one year until I ended up having anxeity attacks and ending up in the Er several times. Finally my GP sent me for a CT scan which came back negative. The medication has really helped me which my psychiatrist told me would take four months until I started to feel like my oldself again. As the months have passed I have stopped feeling lightheaded, dizzy, etc. and so I have stopped thinking something is seriously wrong with me. I also exercise regularly now which is something I never did before and I feel great about that. I have also started to see a therapist whic helps alot. I am supposed to be on the Cipralex for one more month and then we will look and reducing the dose and eventually stopping.

How long have you been on meds??
When we have a bad day it is just that a humpday! I did feel light headed and dizzy a lot and had a major fear of fainting. My doc put me on Cipralex which is the same in the USA as Lexapro. I started with 5mg once a day with my dinner for one week and then went up to 10mg once a day. Just now finishing my fourth month and feeling great! The worst part for me was the depersonalisation feeling, feeling like you are in a bubble and far away, my doc told me that would be the last symptom to go and it was. I feel so much like my oldself now. I have one more month on meds and then it is time to start reducing and coming off :)
I just want you all to know there is light at the end of the tunnel and my doctor told me that SSRI meds work for every 8 out 10 people. Ask your doctors for info on Lexapro or check out Cipralex on the internet.

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