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I was diagnosed with BFS (benign fasciculations) last June and have been twitching off and on since May 2005. My twitching is extremely bearable right now, for which I am very thankful. I have seen a neuro three times and have been given the all clear that I don't have a neuro-muscular disease.

Unfortunately, my mind and body seem to be overtaken by anxiety. Uncertainties regarding this illness and internet diagnosing have created a monster case of anxiety. While I haven't been self-diagnosing myself since last summer, my anxiety has been growing steadily since last fall.

I am curious to find out if my symptoms are consistent with others suffering from anxiety. Currently, I am experiencing the following physical symptoms:

Stiff neck
Tight neck muscles (on the side of my neck) actually running from my jaw to below my collar bone
Some tingling in my cheeks and chin
Tightness in shoulders
Lump in throat ( which I believe is very common)
Some dizziness

Do any of you experience similar physical symptoms? I would really appreciate your responses as I am trying to convince myself that these symptoms are the result of my anxiety and not something totally physical.
I've had most of those symptoms also. I have had the twitching muscles too.That is what got my anxiety really going. I just kept thinking that i had ALS. You were smart by going to the doctor and getting it checked out. Saves alot of worry. Later on i went on an antidepressant and it really helped with the twitching and all the other anxiety symptoms i had..

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