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:) Hi,
I hope you don't mind me posting to you - I hang out here every so often, and happened to see your response to "CAK70".

You sound EXACTLY like me! I read that you are taking Beta Blocker, Zoloft, and Xanax.

I have been so afraid of taking a Beta Blocker, but after a million tests, we have found nothing wrong with my heart, or thyroid, or anything else.... and I guess it's time that I give in & try it.

Did you start at a low dose, or at the 25mg. 2x per day at first ?? Also, I'm so afraid of taking Xanax anywhere near the same time as the Beta Blocker (since they are both "downers" - for lack of a better word)... but it sounds like you've had no problems with the mix.

I also like to have a couple of drinks with friends every so often. Not sure if you drink at all - but if you do, were you okay ?

I've had bad reactions to some RX's, so that's part of my paranoia with the Beta Blockers. And of course, I'm worried it will stop my heart & kill me - since I USUALLY have a decent resting heart rate & BP. But here & there throughout the day, they will go up due to anxiety.

Sorry for such a long message, I really hope you don't mind. But I'm just a bit afraid!!

Thanks so much, Jules

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