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I have been struggling lately with dizzyness, headaches, and neck tension. I used to have shortness of breath all the time and that symptom has for the most part subsided so i felt like I was getting better. But it seems as though the moment something starts to get better another symptom comes along and beats me down. I was feeling lost and beaten last night which only scared me more. I hold onto a shred of hope that this will all go away and I will be myself once again but the longer an longer it goes the smaller and smaller the hope becomes.

So I guess I am groping for something, an experience with anxiety that someone has beaten, an encouraging story of strength, courage, and happiness at the end. Are there any people here who can do this. I feel that although this may be the lowest a person can feel that if I could beat this it would make me an unbelievably strong person (although I think anyone who faces anxiety like this day after day and still functions and goes on is a strong person). Are there any here who can say "Yes it can be done, I did it"?

You have an excellent attitude. To feel you're about as low as a person can feel, but at the same time feel that this can make you an unbelievably strong person, tells me that you WILL become that strong person. A few months ago, I also was feeling about as low as I could feel...things seemed hopeless with no way out. I was very scared and in a highly sensitized and suggestible state of mind which seems to be the case with you and so many others during the difficult times. The whole time though, I felt as you do, that to get through it would make me incredibly strong. All I could do was take one day at a time and see where it led. I started exercising regularly and watching my intake of foods and beverages, avoiding ones that were high in sugar, which overstimulated the mind and nervous system. If you're not exercising, get started now!!!

I also learned that thoughts are only energy, and if you don't feed into them, they will diminish in frequency and will also have less ability to make you anxious. I started practicing "mindfulness" which keeps the attention more on the present moment and away from negative thoughts. When a unwanted thought comes into your awareness, gently return your attention back to the present moment. This was the most important thing I did in order to get where I am now. You will become very mentally strong and more peaceful in your life. I now rarely feel any anxiety and when I do I look at why I'm feeling that way, everytime it comes down to the simple fact that I let my mind wander and dwell on something negative. I then know that I got a bit mentally lazy and got away from my mindfulness practice. This mindfulness practice goes back thousands of years and you can find lots of info on it by doing a search. The best book I've seen on the subject is called "Mindfulness In Plain English". The "Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" is a book I would also recommend and it has a chapter on mindfulness as well.

EVERY anxious moment is an opportunity to learn and grow and become stronger. If you don't view your upsetting moments as opportunities for growth, but instead you see them as something that you just want to get rid of and get back to how things were, then no growth is going to occur and the upsets are probably going to continue. As many say, things happen for a reason. We can "turn the tables" on these seeminly negative moments and make them something that we will look back on and say, "Man, I'm sure glad I went through that hell. Look how much stronger and peaceful I've become. Look at how much more caring and understanding toward others I've become. Look at the personal growth I've obtained".

I feel I've come a long ways in a short time. I never went to get any counseling and never started on any meds. (nothing against any of that, but I sensed the mindfulness, exercise and change of diet was going to work and it has) I feel I have this under control now, and every day I just seem to get mentally stronger, more confident, more at peace, and thus more able to deal with the occasional old thought patterns that creep in, but are becoming less and less as the days go on (remember, thoughts are only energy - don't feed into them and they WILL diminish).

The more successes you have, the more your confidence grows, which in turn brings about even more successes and thus even more confidence. Expect some rough spots along the way, but by seeing them as an opportunity for growth, you will not only obtain that growth, but you will also be taking the "edge" off of them - in other words, their power to cause you anxiety will be diminished because you're no longer viewing them as some sort of scary monster, as I used to.

One day at a time Jonev11, (or actually one moment at a time)

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