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[QUOTE=SusanGene]:) ;) After suffering with anxiety for over twenty years I have finally found what I will term a "cure" for me.
Many years ago, an amino acid called Tryptophan )pronounced TRIP toe fan) was being imported. ONE SHIPMENT became contaminated , 37 people died and the FDA stepped in and ALL tryptophan was banned. Until recently.
Now you can buy it. Please try one bottle. Take 1,000 mg at bedtime for one week and you should suddenly, out of the blue, be a changed person. That is usually 2 capsules. It has worked a miracle in my life.
I finished half my first bottle and ordered a new bottle today so I won't run out. I have NO side effects. It is terrific for depression AND anxiety AND insomnia due to anxiety and depression.
I do hope this helps someone out there. TRYPTOPHAN :bouncing:[/QUOTE]

Tryptophan is in turkey. It's supposed to be the reason why you get sleepy after eating a lot of it. It sounds interesting, but I think I will hold off on adding another supplement/medication until I lose all hope of beating this a more convetional way like with my mind. I think the ultimate solution comes from the mind and not a pill, although I would give almost anything to feel well for even a whole week again. It almost sounds like a magic pill to me and I told myself long ago there are no magic pills, but who knows?

Anyway I appreciate your suggestion and I am super excited and happy for you! :) :) :bouncing:

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