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I have been struggling lately with dizzyness, headaches, and neck tension. I used to have shortness of breath all the time and that symptom has for the most part subsided so i felt like I was getting better. But it seems as though the moment something starts to get better another symptom comes along and beats me down. I was feeling lost and beaten last night which only scared me more. I hold onto a shred of hope that this will all go away and I will be myself once again but the longer an longer it goes the smaller and smaller the hope becomes.

So I guess I am groping for something, an experience with anxiety that someone has beaten, an encouraging story of strength, courage, and happiness at the end. Are there any people here who can do this. I feel that although this may be the lowest a person can feel that if I could beat this it would make me an unbelievably strong person (although I think anyone who faces anxiety like this day after day and still functions and goes on is a strong person). Are there any here who can say "Yes it can be done, I did it"?

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