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[QUOTE=ruby-red]Hyper, i lost you along the way, I thought this thread was closed/ anyhow, you know its just the up's and downs.And you have been up and can get back there again.I am still up, I did my first tour of the country, albeit as passenger and had one hint at that old agorophobia trying to slip back in my brain. and it worked, i said to myself cut it out, you are fine, this is great ( dont think about being12 hours from home !!) which of course I aleady had, took some breathes,and a valium, looked out at veiws, put on the CD player, and talked about anything and everything , and the panic went. PHEW .
I had no anxiety at the concert, 15,000 in the stadium, alright I did have a couple of wines and beers, but I was rocking!!
keep up the here, now thoughts.
hi ruby,good to hear from ya, its been a rough 10 days been out of work, dr's were trying to find out if i have lupus, had some test done 50/50 chance of that or another autoimmune disease,run out of cash to futher more testing,huge co-pay for speciallist $300-700.00!!! i feel aweful depressed, anxious, fatigued. saw my thearpist today, back on lexapro. im just worried.problems all the time!! i went to church sunday for the 1st time in a while, didnt feel like it though, think ill go back tomorrow. oh well enough of my whining. gotta get some rest.take care ."hyper"

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