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Hi. Okay, so here's the deal. I'm 18 years old and i've had agoraphobia for the past 4 1/2 years. I pretty much can't do anything. I basically stare at my walls all day. Fun, I know. I think the worst part is, is that during the day, someone -needs- to sit with me or else I panic. Which i'm well aware is completely ridiculous and irrational, but ya know, if I could be rational for 2 minutes I wouldn't have fallen into this crap to begin with. Anyways. I've tried Xanax and Zoloft and i've had side effects from both, so my doctor now wants me to try Effexor(sp??), but i'm worried about the side effects. Gotta love irony. Anyone try effexor, if so, what'd you think??

My biggest fear is going insane and/or forgetting who I am/where I am. And again, I am completely well aware of how ridiculous and irrational that is, because like I said, i've had this problem forever, and NOTHING has ever happened. I panic, it goes away. Same ole', same ole'. What do you guys do to kick these thoughts? I'm pretty sure if I could just chill the hell out for a few weeks when i'm -in- the house, I could bring myself to beat the agoraphobia itself. If that makes sense, bare with me, i'm running on 0 sleep. :yawn:

One more thing, my anxiety is absolutely unbearable during the day, but i'm pretty much a-ok at night. I've read some books where they say that it is common to feel worse at certain times of the day... but this is SO absurd. So, does anyone else feel worse during the morning/day/night?? Any idea to how or why this happends?

Thanks in advance, and if anyone has -any- tips at all, or stories or anything they'd like to share to make me feel better, feel free to share. I like to know that there are other neurotics out there. ;)

Stay fabulous.
Audrey. <3
Hey Audrey,
I have agoraphobia also just not as bad as you. Im fine leaving the house and gong around my safe zone but anywhere past that is hell for me. I was on zoloft about 3 years ago for my panic and anxiety attacks. When they first started I was horrible. Couldn't eat, sleep, or leave the house. Then zoloft came into the picture. I felt horrible for the first 5 weeks on it. Everything was 10 fold. My drs kept telling me to take it so I did. Then one morning in week 6 I woke up and was wondering what was different. Then I realized. I felt like I could go on living normal again. So I did. I was on zoloft for about 6 months. Did great for 2 years. Until this past January. The panic attacks and anxiety hit me again. This time I didn't want the zoloft because of they side effects from last time. The biggest part is being patient with yourself. Feeding into the fear is a big no no. The more you feed into your fear the worse it becomes. Its now march and all the anxiety and panic attacks are gone. What I did was some relaxation excersises from Charles Linden, Drink chamomile tea every night or when I was feeling way to much anxiety, and therapy. I have been seeing a therapist for cbt. Its helping although im paying out of pocket for it. You have to keep your mind strong. Focus on the moment and not tomorrow or even a hour later. I would try the meds at least unitl you get back on your feet. Try not to worrry about the side effects becacuse they will subside sooner or later. And once they do you will feel soo much better. Medicine dosne't have to be forever. Once you see that you can do stuff and keep doing it it will break your fear. I am reading the anxiety and phobia workbook by edmund borne. It has wonderful techniqes to help over come agoraphobia. I ordered it off line since it was hard at the time for me to get to a book store. Good Luck and know that you will get better. You have to challenge yourself in order to do so though. Try standing outside for a minute. Then go back in the house. Then try for 2 minutes. Then go back in. Its called exposure therapy. Look it up online. It will help you get out a little.
I wish I could give you a hug right now. I know exactly what you are going through. Just know we are here to support you!

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