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Anxiety causes me to have extreme muscle tension in my neck and up onto the back of my head. It's so bad that I can actually hear my muscles crackle when I turn my head. Nothing seems to be helping. I have tried physical therapy, massage, hot baths, progressive muscle relaxation exercises and am now seeing an acupuncturist. I have noticed that when I take Xanax, the muscles do give me a slight break. But I am doing my best not to take that more than two or three times per week. This muscle tension is one symptom I can do without. I honestly feel like I could handle the anxiety without it. But having this constant ache and tension is so hard. It just never lets up.
Hi...yes yes yes...plenty of neck and shoulder tension going on here due to stress and anxiety. Sometimes it gets so bad that just bumping into me hurts a ton. Or rolling over in bed at night will wake me up from the pain in my shoulders when I am really having a tough time with anxiety.It will hurt up around the front of my collar bone as well. it is a sharp pain at times and almost stops me in my tracks. My neck tension will go into the back of my head and cause some headache problems as well.

I have to add though that I had a whip lash injury 5 years agao that still caues me alot of trouble as well. However adding the stress and anxiety into the mix makes it alot worse. It hurt before I had trouble with anxiety. Now though...when my anxiety is high. It all hurts much worse.

Hang in there :)

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