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Hi I have a question I was hoping someone(s) could help me out with. For the past 3 to 5 days I noticed a significant drop in my heart rate. As to where my heart usually hovers around the 100bpm zone. It has now dropped to around the 50 to 60bpm. For instance I was just lying down before I go to work (Swing Shift/Nights & Evenings) and I checked my heart rate and was basically on pace with each second.

When strange health stuff like this happens I try to dismiss as much as possible since I have had many health visits in my last 4 years of anxiety hell. However if I can think of one organ thatís taken the biggest beating it would be my heart. So it scares me to feel my heart moving this slow. Maybe this is a normal heart rate for some people but not me. Iím only 25 and I feel like my heart is slow because it canít take the constant anxiety anymore. Itís also really weird because my heart will beat anywhere from 3 to 10 or more times and then stop or rest I guess. The rest seems weird and unusual to me. Is this normal because Iím used to my heart constantly beating? Also there is no consistency in the rest. It might go 1,2,3 rest or 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rest.

I know I should see a doctor about this and I will in a few days. But for the time being I have a couple more days of work. So I thought I would see if anyone on this board could calm my nerves or ramp them up. As I said before this is very unsettling to me. I have had some serious issues with anxiety and insomnia in the past 4 years and Iím wondering if Iíve done some irreversible damage to my heart.

I have been out of work for a long time. But for the last month and a half I have consistently held down a job (Big deal for you but impressive for me). Also for about the first month of work I would wake up and my breathing was noticeably labored. This type of poor breathing pattern would be frequent and very uncomfortable.

Has anyone with severe anxiety/insomnia issues experienced anything like what Iím describing? Or do you have any advice on what I should do?

P.S. As I said before I would have gone and seen a doctor by now. But I have just spent so much time focusing on my health in the past few years. Always thinking there is something wrong. So I try to just except the fact that itís hopefully nothing and move on. But every time it feels like something new and worse. And I just canít afford to waste time anymore as I have enough problems already (Money!).

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