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While I dont have MVP I do totaly understand your fear of a heart attack because I has been going through the same thing.I have the left arm pains,some chest pains,even had left sided facial numbness,some palpitations this has went on for me off and on for months.I have had EKG,XRAY,holter monitor(showed several PVC's but harmless),stress test with Echocardiogram...all normal.I will say though after the stress test I have relaxed some.I think if you have the insurance then go ahead and have the testing done for your peace of mind.I do know MVP will not cause a heart attack so please dont worry there.Heart attacks are caused by blockages.
Believe it or not since having these pains in left arm etc I have posted on this board (anxiety) and found out im far from alone there are a good amount of anxiety sufferers with these same types of pains who have also been tested and all comes out fine and some are awaiting testing.Of course it could all be due to anxiety and stress for you so try to relax and have that other testing done.I have rambled but I really feel for you cause I know how it feels its very scarey and if you are like me you have been losing sleep too.As far as the Ativan I would go ahead take it if it helps at all I took Ativan when I was having LOADS of heart palps granted it didnt take them all away BUT I was much more relaxed and less frightened it wont harm you seriously.

I hope all goes well at the Cardio let us know!

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