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I have your same exact symptoms..almost to a T. In fact, its quite scary how identical mine are to yours.

I suffered from panic disorder about 4 years ago, took Paxil, and it disappeared. Weaned off Paxi a year later, and have had no problems until recently. I was sitting at work one day, and I got extremely bloated...went home a few hours later and proceded to vomit. I thought I had stomach flu as had most of the office, so didn't think much more of it. However, the symptoms never went away. Every morning I would wake up and dry heave, usually had the shakes as well. Then I would try to eat but my stomach was so irritated I could hardly choke it down. I would feel weak, couldn't concentrate at work, and had nonstop indigestion. My gym performances were poor as well, and I've noticed that my weight has fallen a bit...although I exaggerate how bad it is in my mind.

My mind would be drifting in another world, with constant obsessive thoughts about what I had. Was I dying? What disease did I catch? I was home for a week, "sick", and I spent the entire week on the couch obsessing over this illness. I lived on the internet, and had finally diagnosed myself with Crohn's, MS, and Celiac disease.

I went to doctor after doctor, and spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what I had. I live alone in Paris, so its difficult to find quality healthcare, not to mention, I don't have a family support group. My parents were very concerned and they insisted it was anxiety related. Doctor after Doctor were saying the same thing. But of course, I knew there were always more tests, and perhaps some of my earlier tests were wrong.

Its difficult to deal with anxiety rationally because anxiety is not rational. It deprives you of your ability to look at things in a clear manner. I finally have scheduled to see a psychiatrist, although reluctantly. Even though my brother, my grandmother, and my father suffer from anxiety, and even though my job has become extremely stressful with long hours, and even though every medical test has come back negative, and finally even though I, myself, have suffered from panic disorder in the past, I still have difficulties
grasping this notion.

Well, good luck to you, and I'm sure you'll get through it. I did before, and I will again. One other thing, I had the medicine issue too. I was unwilling to give medicines a shot, and when I did, I would freak out about possible side effects.

If you're curious to see what symptoms I have...
-difficult swallowing
-fear of dying
-fear of the unknown
-loss of appetite
-difficult concentrating
-muscle twitching
-weight loss....for some people its weight gain (you generally get what you don't want) haha
-numbness/pins and needles
-depression (this came last, probably because of all the other stuff)

Note that they all sound like MS...a lot of people get these confused

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