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Hello everyone, it's me the "Great American Novel" writer :D

I've posted my story several times, but just wanted to share it yet again, stick with me, it's long :eek:

I took Xanax...half a MG...(a quarter mg twice a day) everyday for 7 straight years and when I didn't have panic or anxiety problems anymore I..with the help of my Doctor... weaned off with no problems at all.
You're going to read more horror stories about any it a benzo or an AD...than you are success stories..not because they're aren't people out there with success stories it just seems that the people who've had problems getting off of or starting a medication seem to be much more vocal.

When I first came to this board a few years ago I was still taking the Xanax...believe me, I was told...and sometimes not in a nice it was a "band-aid"...I thought, if I was bleeding, I'd use a they were a "crutch"...I thought, if I had a broken leg, I'd use I WAS going to have to up my dose and how IF I tried to get off of them that I WAS going to have all kinds of problems...well, none of that happened...I NEVER upped my dose one single fact I was taking less than was prescribed...and I didn't have any withdrawel at all when I weaned off.

I'm just glad I listened to myself instead of letting other people scare me.

Yes, it is true that some people become dependent on or tolorant to benzo's but it simply does not happen to everyone.

I did try two SSRI's...I won't even name them because it doesn't make any difference...they weren't for me and that's all I'll say about it...I would never come on and post a horror story about a medication.
Just because they weren't for me doesn't mean they won't be a life saver for someone else.
It's not my place to tell other people what medication they should or shouldn't take, it's not my choice it's theirs and should be left up to them and their Doctor.

When I was hearing all that negative stuff I'd been on the Xanax for about 5 and 1/2 years and hadn't had any dependence or tolorance issues to that point...of course when I posted that, some were oh so happy to tell me..."It can happen at any time" Then one day I just decided that people could post and tell me all the horror stories they wanted to.
While I'm sure they had the best of intentions, that didn't mean I had to listen.
They weren't in my shoes and they had no idea what it was like to live in my head and until they did I just looked at all the negative stuff as what it was, their opinion, (Which they were entitled to) but, it in no way meant that what happend to them was going to happen to me....and it never did.

I'd never upped the dose...even when I felt really hyper and probably another quarter MG. would have made me feel better....I would NEVER allow myself to take more...I should probably say at this point that I have OCD...and I had it in my head that all I was ever going to take was that quarter mg. twice a day and that was it...not one single crumb more was going to go into my body no matter what, and it never did...perhaps that's why I never had a problem, who knows!

Then I weaned off without problems and didn't post for a while, but I'd still come here and read all the posts....I'd read the ones from people who were scared to take this drug or that drug and I'd see a few negative posts but slowly the postive ones started showing up also.
I guess I was chicken and didn't want to have my head handed to me again if I posted about the fact that I'd taken one of the "dreaded benzo's" and God forbid had stayed on it for a long period of time.

Then I decided that I would start posting my experiance...if anyone asked, because I wanted others to know that yes, benzos are powerful and they should always be taken with caution and that they do cause problems for some people, but it does not happen to everyone...and I always posted the first thing my Doctor told me when I started taking them...he told me to take only what I needed to take, that just because the bottle said I could take "X" amount "X" amount of times a day that in no way meant that I had to take the amount...if taking less helped then I should take less, if I could talk myself down instead of running for the pill bottle then that's what I should do he said taking less was great, but to never, ever for any reason take more than was prescribed and if I ever felt that I needed to take more, to stop, not take more and call him.

I will add that my Doctor also told me that if I was going through a really hard few days or weeks, that it was fine to take what I was prescribed for that period of time...just not to take more than prescribed.
But like I said my OCD would kick in and I wouldn't allow myself to take the prescribed dose.
He used to tell me that I was the most stubborn person he'd ever met,
but with the next breath he'd tell me how proud he was of me, for taking less than was prescribed and sticking to that no matter what....he had no problem at all with me taking it at the low dose I was using, and he had no problem with me taking for as long as I did.
He knew I didn't have a choice, nothing else worked for me and to be very honest if I hadn't taken it when I needed it I don't think I'd be here right now.

My Husband, Children and I got lost going to a Wedding while I was still taking the Xanax...what should have been a 6 hour trip turned into a 24 hour nightmare, and still I wouldn't take any more I guess the Doctor was right...I am a very stubborn person

The whole point of me posting my story is to let others know that there are people out there who have taken benzo's for long periods of time and never had any problems and to also let them know that there are postive stories out there, you just have to look harder for them sometimes.

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