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Hi ~

I have been seeing a psychiatrist since October. I was married very briefly to a man who turned out to be an alcoholic, I did not realize this before we married and we were together 3 years before we married.

The first 7 months of marriage were VERY traumatic for me. I suffered a great deal of emotional and mental abuse. I moved out - and encouraged him to get treatment. He did yet continued to drink. I found him drunk all the time - while I lived elsewhere.

It turned out he began to stalk me at work and was arrested in the parking lot for DWI, open alcohol in car and harassment. They also found a gun in his office where he works. I have a restraining order against him and have since divorced him.

I don't know if others experience this - but the aftermath is worse then when I was living with him!!!! I feel worse and worse. I began Zoloft (and Ambien to help me sleep) back in October, but came off in February because I cracked a tooth and the dentist/endodontist thought the grinding was from the Zoloft.

Anxiety (which then causes depression) has only increased now. My doctor said I am the worst he has ever seen me. And I have TMD (tempomandibular joint disorder) and most of the time my jaw feels like it is in a VICE. It is so uncomfortable. I get relief at night and feel okay in the AM but as the day progresses my muscles in my jaw spasm and tighten up - docs say this is due to anxiety. I have also lost a considerable amount of weight.

I am now trying Lexapro - just began. Doctor said to start at 5 mgs for the first few days and then go up to 10mg. I am hoping it will help with my anxiety - which I just can't seem to control. It seems subconsious - all I feel are the physical symptoms of my tension and uptight feelings.

Has anyone had these symptoms and gotten some relief from Lexapro?


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