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Hello all. Anyone on these boards in Calgary, AB?

My doctor is retiring at the end of this month, and I can't find any new family doctors. It is so hard to find a doctor in Canada nowadays. Even though they say we have free healthcare is B.S. because we still pay premiums and suffer from doctor shortages. Anyway, I went to this new doctor to try out his name is Dr. Cole and he is really arrogant and seems not knowledgable at all when it comes to Anxiety disorders, and told me I would have severe anxiety for the rest of my life and I'm only [b] 19 years old! [/b] What a thing to say!! :confused: :rolleyes: ... I couldn't believe him, and then I mentioned something about trying Remeron cause I told him I have been on paxil and cipralex (lexapro) which I'm currently weaning off from now and he said we could try a new AD on you but Remeron wouldn't be 1 of them.

He is totally anti-benzo as well I can see, I told him I was on very small dose of xanax and he just didn't say anything all he wants to push is antidepressants. I told him SSRI's don't work for me. Then he keeps mentioning going to psychologist which I have tryed and done many times and that doesn't help. I believe I have a chemical imbalance somewhere, and this quack of a doc I went to seems like he just got out of med school and doesn't have a clue of what he is talking about.

He was asking if I have ever been on effexor, I told him no... but I have heard nothing but horror stories about Effexor and even my old GP that is retiring now told me that Effexor is more excitatory and will make my anxiety worse most likely. I have 1 more appointment with my old family doctor tomorrow going to get blood work done and a physical i guess since its my last appointment cause he is done at the end of April.

This is a nightmare trying to find a new doctor.

I have heard that Lyrica is supposed to be very good for anxiety even though its not being prescribed for that use. I think these SSRI's just make anxiety worse. I wish a lot of doctors weren't so anti-benzo.

Anyone from the Calgary area?? or Canada?

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