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Re: Am I crazy?
Apr 23, 2006
Let me tell you I dont believe in this medication crap..please read my problem with Paxil...for anxiety..

First off let me start by saying my doctor placed me on Paxil due to stress and anxiety I was feeling due to some personal issues I was having dealing with a new home I had built. I have NEVER been on any anti-anxiety drug before in my life. Here is my story of trying to get off it because I had more issues on it....
Paxil Withdrawal=

Day 1= No change felt a bit tired at the end of the day but really nothing to complain about. That same night I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

Day 2= I started feeling very hyper-active, when I spoke it was very fast. I couldn’t sit still. In a strange way I felt happy, alive, I was turning back in to me, until I started feeling these intense brain shocks, it felt as if someone was zapping my brain with electricity and it would go right to the tip of my tongue. Not an unbearable feeling, but definitely not comfortable.

Day 3= I’m in hell, or at least I wish I were….at least in hell I know I would have more fun. OK, let’s see….I have vertigo, every time I turn my head it feels as if it takes a few seconds longer for my brain to catch up, it’s a feeling that’s hard to explain but I will do my best. When my head turns of course my eyes do and when that happens I am very dizzy to the point that I have to keep still and not move my eyes or head to stop the dizzy feeling, when I do this I feel great…but I have to stand like a statue in order to feel this way….I get confused, stare into space, have little or no attention span, slight headaches all the time, I cry, for no reason, the nightmares are unbelievable! So very real, so very scary, night sweats and hot and cold flashes started….shaking, feeling scared and wanting to take a pill to make it all stop…..BUT I WONT!!!!!!! Today I am telling myself that I am strong, I can do this and I will do this no matter what. The electrical zaps in my brain are worse than ever and I have developed stomach cramps, and have to RUN to go to the bathroom. (Although I have had problems with lactose intolerance, it could be a side affect of the meds also, I am not sure at this point) My mood swings are unbelievable I actually punched my husband in the face because I had lost my patience with him; normally I would just have walked away. I am not a violent person, never have been…..actually I’m just the opposite and would NEVER and have NEVER hit him and could not believe I did. I felt terrible. At this time I would also like to mention there was weight gain, it used to be a huge issue to lose weight for me, but right now all I want is to beet this terrible out of body feeling and later I can lose the weight. Cant sleep, had to take a Xanax, .5 mg. it worked….I had dreams, I usually don’t remember them but I do now. It seems that all my dreams are fears of mine, sexually related, and not too nice, although last nights dream seemed to be less violent.

Day 4= When I woke up I felt worse than ever…and still do. Driving my truck is a chore. I am a very good driver but my depth perception is off, I’m dizzy. I still have all the other issues too…Only the shaking and night sweats are worse, I am tired and I cant stand myself…I know that this feeling is not me and I have to keep remembering how I felt before the Paxil came into my life…..I was vibrant, alive, and happy….I know I will feel that way again….I will not let this get to me…..My moods are weird, but I can deal, I’m strong. I am tired, and hungry, I feel like I can eat a horse. I crave foods I wouldn’t normally eat fried foods. I have always been a sugar addict, and now I don’t want it, jelly beans my favorite, get sick if I think about them. Can’t sleep, always thirsty, have to take a Xanax, .5mg to fall asleep.

Day 5= Woke up, slept through the night only waking to get a drink of seltzer by my bed. I felt ok, remembered my dream, again, it had the same content as above but was a normal dream, not scary or violent but decent. One I would expect to have anytime….I am dizzy, not as bad, my eye movement still causes this but I actually feel as if I am more in control…I keep telling myself I am going to beat this…I actually feel as if I am having a tug of war with my brain…I’m positive this morning, although I still have the withdrawal symptoms, but not as bad. I don’t feel normal yet, but feel as if I am closer to getting there this morning, than I have for the last 4 days…lets see how the day progresses. Im fearless….I know I can do this….I felt dizzy today a bit edgy and moody. Im tired and have been very thirsty. I read that omega 3 fish oil helps withdrawal symptoms so I picked some up. My attitude has been and is very positive. I have had the feeling of crying for no apparent reason but had stopped myself each time and fighting the urge. I do not have the brain shocks as of yet today….and that makes me more positive. I feel that if I could lose this dizzy, vertigo feeling I would be ok…….But so far I feel better. I’m not focusing on the symptoms of withdrawal I have, but rather thinking of the ones I don’t have anymore. I’m going to get through this.

Day 6= Good Morning to me…..I slept ok, waking up to get a drink…again had to take .5mg of Xanax to fall off to sleep. No big deal. I had dreams last night but I don’t remember one of them, just remember having them. I still have the dizziness but No night sweats, no shaking, no feeling like crying, no brain zaps….Gee that makes me almost back to normal. Like I said though, I do have vertigo, and am dizzy…but I know it will pass just as everything else seems to be passing, my mom always said all good things take time, she gave me my patience. My attitude is good, I’m in a good positive mood this morning and GUESS WHAT…I’m smiling as I write this…I don’t want to get to excited yet…… but this really does seem like a good sign. :)

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