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I've been on 3 antidepressants over the past year and a half, plus I have a prescription for ativan, which I sometimes use, but not too often. I was going to ask my doc if I could just continue with the ativan as needed, but i never got around to it. I had been on 100mg of zoloft, which was okay, but not great. After reading about dosages, I realized that I was on that amount just because I could be. I decided to half the dosage and what a difference that has made. 50mg is perfect. I realized that the dose I had been on was too much and it actually caused some of the symptom I had originally had (anxious, heart palpitations, "over thinking" some things, etc., a lot of the symptoms people who post here have). I don't get tired the way I had been (unless there's a reason) and all of the peripheral symptoms have gone away. Now if I have one little "extra" or "skipped" heartbeat, I don't feel that adrenalin rush, which would cause more palpitations.... I have my trusty ativan "stash", but I haven't taken any in weeks, not even to sleep. If I need help sleeping a half a Benadryl (12.5mg) does the trick. I'm learning Reiki as well which also helps. So try not to totally discount the possibility that an antidepressant may help you! Michele

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