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I've had that on my own without meds... when I've been really anxious.. I take my pulse and think it's too slow or feel really fatigue... I then have to get up and do something to make my heart beat faster so I don't think it's slowly stopping... once I freaked out so bad I sent my heart racing to the point where I thought I was going to pass out... thing is, I've never had these problems before until I started paying attention to my heart... it's only happened twice, once in the ER when I was having chest pains, for whatever reason (the doc didn't think it was my heart), and because the monitor started beeping because my heart rate went up to 110 or something.. I freaked out and it raced to 163... both times this has happened, I just start breathing and try to relax and it goes away... I haven't been eating well and have been very fatigued... when I go to bed at night sometimes I'll slip into sleep watching tv and wake up abruptly not realizing I just fell asleep and freak out... got so bad that at one point I'd set my alarm at like 2am just to make sure I'd wake up... I know that can't be good...when I sleep alone I have to fall asleep to the tv... as some absurd safety blanket or something... when I sleep with my girlfriend, its not as bad because I know someone is there...

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