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I really feel for you :( I definitely had a low point where I just couldn't handle it anymore, but I stuck with it and now I am doing so much better.

All I can think of is to stick with the Wellbutrin. Meds like that can take a week or more to even out after you start them or increase the doseage, and at first when you increase it can make you worse before it makes you better. This happened to me with Zoloft, so maybe it is similar.

As for the ativan, since your doc doesn't seem like much help, try and get as much info as you can about the effects on the baby. that the baby looks healthy is definitely a good sign, but you definitely want to be sure what you are doing isn't going to hurt it in some way. I don't know if different benzos have different effects on the baby, but maybe you can try switching...perhaps another benzo would be more effective for you. For example, sometimes just half of a .25 Xanax calms me down.

Also, you NEED to be getting nutrients in your body!! Try drinking Ensure Plus, it really got me through some tough times. It is full of nutrients and is 350 calories per small bottle. It is a little expensive, but worth it if yu have no appetite. It will make you feel better AND it is definitely good for the baby if you are getting something in your body. You can also try taking vitamins if you can swallow them. And definitely continue staying hydrated. Not eating or drinking will make you feel even worse and add to the anxiety.

Nothing will magically make you feel better overnight. The med will take awhile to adjust and you need to continue eating as much as you can and drinking water, and I bet you will notice an improvement ove the span of several days. In the mean time, hang in there!! ;)
mjewell: I was on wellbutrin, since it helped tremendously with my OCD.

Update: I saw my family doctor today. She tried to get me into an inpatient program, but there are currently no beds available. She is trying to contact my psychiatrist to see if he can do anything about that. She said if all else fails, I should just go to the psych emerg, they are legally bound to find me a bed that way.
I continue to suffer terribly. Anyway, the doc took me off wellbutrin and put me back on paxil, which has worked so well in the past (I just pray it will work well this time too), and she increased the amount of ativan I can take. I find the increased dose (0.5mg) makes me groggy but doesn't seem to do much for the anxiety. I feel so desperate, like I've lost all control of my life. I miss spending time with my kids, who keep wondering when Mommy is going to get better. I hate having to rely on other people to care for them. And the stress this is putting on dh is aweful, but he's being good about it. I am completely housebound now, excpet to drive down the street to the doctors office (luckily it's that close).

Has anyone here been this sick with their anxiety and gotten better? I feel hopeless.

I will continue to keep you posted.

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