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Well, it's finally gotten to the point I can no longer function. I'll recap my situation (i've posted a few threads in the past week): Was on wellbutrinSR 100mg/day for about a year, with good results. In february got pregnant, so thought I would stop the meds (big mistake). Anxiety got so bad, so I started up again at 100mg/day, and was taking teeny amounts (1/4 mg) of ativan every few days or so. Couple this with non-stop morning sickness, and my anxiety just continued to get worse. Family doc wanted to put me on citalopram but insurance would not cover it. Decided on zoloft, but psychiatrist advised against it, saying I should increase my wellbutrin. I have been back on wellbutrin 100mg for a month, and now I"m on day 3 of 150mg. My symptoms did not get worse with the increased dose, but haven't gotten any better. I am now taking 1/4mg ativan a couple of times a day. I have tried meditating, drinking herbal teas, taking calcium/magnesium supplements, but nothing is helping. I am now completely physically and mentally exhausted, and at 12 weeks pregnant have lost 20 pounds (I lost 3 pounds on thursday, after having a panic attack which lasted more than 5 hours, and then yesterday lost another 2 pounds). I can't concentrate on anything at all (it's taking all my effort to write this post), I feel like electrical jolts are going through my body, I feel extremely agitated, and just basically like I want to die. I have a 5 year old and a 3 1/2 year old to care for, and my poor husband is now doing most of the work. I can't sleep at night, and am too wound up, even with the ativan, to sleep during the day. I basically pace around the house, or sit in the yard and stare at the fence. I'm worried what all the ativan is doing to the baby (we had an ultrasound yesterday, and the baby looked fine, although a bit overactive the technician thought). But then, all this anxiety can't be good for the baby either, not to mention that I can't eat, and at this stage I'm supposed to gain about a pound a week.
What should I do? I called the psychiatric hospital, but they don't have an emergency room, they said to go to the hospital next to it, they have a specialized psych emerg department. But what would they do there? I get the feeling I would get a pat on the back, and be sent home.
Please, does anyone have any experience with this severity of anxiety? Any help would be so apprecited. Other than my husband, I have no one else for support (my parents response: "Get over it").
Thank you for reading.
Artists Life, thank you so much for your post. Drinking lots of water makes sense, and i will try it. I am very dehydrated as it is, from the morning sickness (at my last blood test, my blood was very thick, and my hemoglobin was highly concentrated). The very idea of having a bath or shower exhausts me, this is how bad things are, if something is going to take me longer than one minute to do, I can't do it. I can't remember the last time I had a shower, it just takes too much out of me. I do go to bed with my walkman, and I listen to books on tape, or sometimes soothing sounds like ocean surf or country stream. I wish you luck as well, in your quest to conquer this horrible disease.
hry33, thank you for responding, I can always count on you for information. The trouble with the ativan, is my psych doesn't have any experience with pregnancy, so I think he feels a bit nervous to tell me exactly how much ativan I should take and for how long. There are studies that show it can cause certain malformations of the baby, but the studies are flawed in that they don't give any indication of what amount can cause these problems. What is a "typical" daily dose of ativan when dealing with an anxiety crisis, is it 1mg, 3x daily? Something like that? I will try and increase the dose.
And the reason that I can't eat, is partially due to the pregnancy (morning sickness) and partially due to having no appetite due to the anxiety.
Hi Lynn,

I too am a big anxiety/ panic sufferer. Eventhough I am not pregnant. I can feel your anxiety.
Just try to remember not to fight the anxiety, it will only get worse if you do.
I know it is hard to relax and do relaxing things when you feel like this. When I do i just try to clear my schedule. Because I can't relax if I have any thing that has to be done. ( Part of my OCD ) I take my ativan and lay across the bottom of my bed a watch some mindless movie, till the ativan kicks in. Which for me can be about an hour. Then it seems like my mind is calm enough to sort out what is wrong.
Exercising on a regular basic also helps, but if your morning sickness is bad that would be hard.
Maybe when you are feeling better from the morning sickness, try taking a walk around the block, or maybe even to your doctors office.
Keep posting, this board and a few others is where I get my strenght from.
Take care

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