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[QUOTE=SteveGn]There's an excellent book called "The Miracle of Magnesium" by Carolyn Dean. Most tests for magnesium will show that you have sufficient amounts, but those test don't show the "active" amount in your system, which is usually deficient. Magnesium doses of around 400 mg. per day have been showing tremendous results for heart problems such as irregular beats, palpitations, rapid heart rate, etc..., as well as many other ailments as well - many of them mentioned on this board. Magnesium works well in tandem with calcium. Both can also have a calming affect on the nervous system. Its recommended to take 500 - 1000 mg of calcium per day. You can buy the capsules that have both the calcium and magnesium blended together. Back when I was going through a very rough time, I noticed a difference in my heart rate (slower) during anxious or panicky moments. Others have talked about their positive results as well. I highly recommend giving it a try! While you're at the store, pick up some B complex as this is good for the nervous system and handling stress. Steve[/QUOTE]

Steve: Thanks so much for the advice. I had heard it before and never did much with it. I started getting anxiety attacks 3.5 years ago right after when my father passed in my house and I found him :( I tried all medications and therapies and learned to control the attacks but still to date I get so anxious and stressed out so from time to time I take Xanax or Ativan and nothing else. When I ready your article I was so tense today. I rushed to the store and got pills with 1000 mg of Calcium + 400mg of Magnesium + 25 mg ZInc. I took 3 to get the dosage above (as indicated on the bottle). 20 minutes later my heart beats calmer, I am calmer and feel warm and cozy on the inside. Thanks so much, I feel so much better. I have been terrified of death since I saw my dad passing over night and being perfectly healthy. I know my time will come like everyone else but I just don't want to waste my life in fear and ruin the time I have left on this planet. Life is beautiful, a gift from God indeed and the next life will even be better :)

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