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Paxil worked wonderfully for me personaly.I did have the side effect of some "fatigue" but for me it was well worth it the anxiety was so bad before.
I will say though it was hard for me to wean off Paxil I was taking 25 mg a day.I failed weaning off the first time because of withdrawl symptoms they got pretty bad.I made it the second try I had to go really slow and still I have to admitt it was ruff I was having the brain zap feelings that doesnt hurt but its very annoying.I also was very tired and didnt trust myself to drive my concentration was a wreck and nerves were pretty bad.I believe it took me about a month or month and half to wean off and feel better.
Despite the withdrawl though Paxil worked great I also took klonopin twice a day at the same time.

I dont wanna scare you with the withdrawl stuff it can be different for everyone when you wanted to wean off you may not have much trouble.No matter what anti depressant you take always wean off slowly with your doctors knowledge
As far as weight gain well I didnt gain any taking Paxil but many do

These are the other anti depressant I have taken with little or no withdrawl symptoms while weaning off .....Zoloft and Lexapro still remember they effect people differently

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