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Please keep in mind that Xanax isn't the right medication for everyone and some Doctors won't even prescribe it...or any benzo's for that matter.
This is probably due in part to the fact that SOME people have a problem with it...SOME become dependent on or tolorant to it....they start out with one dose and then have to keep upping it.
Like I said that never happened to me, no matter what I NEVER took more.
Yes, there were times that I probably could or maybe even should have...but I would not allow myself to do it...again, I've always "Thanked" my OCD for that.
As I said before I even went so far as to ask my Doctor to write the prescription so it said that I could only take one quarter MG. twice a day.
That's a "Thing" with me...I'm assuming part of my OCD...if something says you can ONLY do it so may times a day then I CAN NOT do it even one single time more.

Also asking for a drug...especially a name will raise a red flag with some Doctors...because they know that some people will use those drugs for other than their intended purpose...not to say that's what you'd do, but some people do that and the Doctors DO have to be careful.

Last thing, Xanax wasn't really made to be taken daily...but since my Doctor knew how that no matter what, I NEVER took more and the fact that I'd tried everything else under the sun and nothing else worked he was willing to allow me to take it the way I did.
Not all Doctors will allow this and not everyone SHOULD take it that way, again because of the depenency, tolorance issue and the fact it can be hard for SOME to wean off of...again I did that without problems also.

The best thing you can do is talk to your Doctor about the problems you've had with Lexapro, also trying the Effexor maybe the best thing you ever never know it maybe the thing that works for you.
I know that there are "start up" problems with some of these drugs and maybe that's what you felt with the Lexapro or maybe it wants the right thing for you.
I know from reading on here that some Doctors will prescribe a benzo ( the class of drug Xanax is ) along with Anti-D' counter act the start up side effects of the Anti-d's and then once you're used to it you no longer need the benzo.

I hope this makes sense to you...I'm not saying anything bad about Xanax because it was the only thing that worked for me...but it's not right for everyone, nor should all people who do take it take it the way I did.
Just work with your Doctor to find what works for you.

If the panic/anxiety isn't an everyday thing and only happens one or two days out of a month then maybe a benzo would be okay for you, because like I said they weren't made for long term use.( I did take them that way, but not everyone should)
But if it's an all day everyday thing for months on end then maybe one of the Anti-D's is what would be best for you.
I know people who take them and after the start-up side effects wear off they feel great.

Just remember that everyone is different and nothing works for everyone.
Some people feel better with therapy and self help books, while for others that does nothing.
Some feel better using natural menthods, but that doesn't work for everyone either.
Some people take medication, but again that's not the answer for everyone.
Then some use a combintion of things, like medication and therapy, or self help books and natural methods.
The whole key is to find what works for YOU.
Sadly nobody can tell you what will work for you, and you with the help of your Doctor will be able to figure that out.

Good luck to you.
I know how awful this disorder is, because even though I feel great now, I've lived with it off and on my whole life.

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