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Kelly...I am very sensitive to meds too, so when I first took Xanax .5 mg. it made me too sleepy. Then, I cut it in half and took it only when I could feel my anxiety climbing. The half (or .25 mg.) was great...made me feel calmer and not too tired. I've heard Klonopin is good, but also can make a person very sleepy. If he is sensitive to meds, like it sounds like he is, the lowest dose will probably be the most helpful.

I also want to suggest he talk to his PCP about trying a beta-blocker med. It is used to control blood pressure, but also is prescribed to people with anxiety/panic problems, and people who are performers or public speakers who have stage fright, because it helps to keep the heart rate steady so the adrenaline won't spike and cause unnecessary panic. I think this is a very valuable medication and worth a try. I take Atenolol and have no side effects that are bothersome.

I hope the next antidepressant will work. I've tried many and they all have side effects that are bothersome to me...Paxil being the worst. I also had to take Xanax and sleeping pills just to counteract the side effects while taking them. It might be a good idea to speak to an actual psychiatrist, not necessarily for therapy if he doesn't want it, but psychiatrists are much better qualified to prescribe psychiatric medications than PCP's. I think a low dose of Zoloft or Prozac would be easier on his system if he wants to try again (I'm not a doctor, that's just my opinion) and also easier on his wallet because they come in generic form.

He needs to learn more about these attacks so he won't get so scared he ends up in the ER. With the help of meds like Klonopin or Xanax, he can learn calming breathing techniques to help himself relax. I know this is scary, but as long as his heart and general health are checked out and okay, panic attacks are a bummer, but they won't kill him. When he understands he'll be okay, the attacks will start to be less severe.

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