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I have had anxiety/panic disorder problems for years now. When it first started I was having really bad panic attacks and became agoraphobic. I couldn't even drive across town for fear something bad was going to happen. I was put on Lexapro and had some therapy sessions for a while. Years passed, I became some what better. Still with the anxiety and panic attacks lingering in the background. I just somehow seemed to put them in the back of my mind for a while. During this time, having gone through a divorce, sold my house, bought a new one... the point where I am now... I have also started having some female problems. I have 2 cyst. I have been put on high hormones (which isn't making my mood any better) to try and get the cyst to go away. Anyway I have been trying to take myself off Lexapro for months now. I take 2.5 mg every other day. My doctor said that I seem to be handling things well on my own so I wanted to try and get off the Lexapro. Now with all this going on...having moved to a new house and not being settled and some other issues going on with a teenage daughter and other anxiety is driving me nutts. I work all day and by the end of the day...when it is time to go home.. I start to feel bad..knowing that I need to go home and work on my house and get it all finished up and things put away... I start to worry about it all. The kids are in sports so we are out 4 evenings of the week and Saturdays...I don't have time to get done with all that I need to get done..I have been asked to go on river trips and things like that ....I suddenly start to think of what could go wrong... these cyst could rupture.... I'd be too far from home... what if something happens? All these crazy thoughts start to roll through my head. I was doing so good for a while not having all these crazy thoughts that somethings wrong with me...I have began to worry about things like... what if I got sick, had to have surgery, had to take off work... who would pay my bills? Now I am going back to I need to start taking the Lexapro again? I feel ok without it other than these crazy thoughts and even when I took it... I still had these crazy thoughts.I know my hormones are out of whack because of the cyst, but I just feel like a froot loop to say the least. I am just wondering if anyone else feels like this...when you have anxiety disorders it is so hard to distinguish between what is a normal feeling and what's not..any advice or suggestions would be great..?? :confused:

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