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Hi vianna

Wow are you my long lost sister???? i JUST went through the same exact thing.

Lump in throat
Couldnt breathe
Distanced myself from EVERYONE
Wouldnt leave the house
Wanted to sleep all the time

Until i had my HIV test. I obsessed over it. it got to the point where when i held my daughter i would cry and cry and i distanced myself from her because for some reason i thought i had it and gave it to her. PA doesnt check for that while pregnant. its human nature to be concerned about hiv but not to obsess over it and thats hard to do. i think its because its something that you "dont" know you have until you get tested.
I was on a medication for headaches called topamax which i later found out had a anxiety side effect. i always felt like "something was gonna happen" a bad gut feeling. and hiv got stuck in my mind like "oh what if someone i dated has it" i went through this for 2 weeks. i took a home test which was negative and then followed up at my local clinic for the oraquick (which they took blood) and i knew my results in 20 mins. A HUGE weight had been lifted off my shoulder. EITHER way you NEED to know. you cant keep going on like this and you have to do it. Just go down to your clinic it only takes 20 mins for results. I am still recovering from all this anxiety but day by day im getting better. its hard. because then something else gets into your mind. if you just recently started getting headaches. There are SOOOO many causes. my dr gave me this paper with hundreds of causes. stress is the main one.

Let me know how you are doing.

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