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Hi all,

I have a quick question for everyone, reason for my asking is because i'm noticing it happening to me. Does anyone get anxiety during or after eating??


I get anxious cooking and eating a meal. The reason I think I get anxious cooking the meal is because I know I will be nervous eating it. I sometimes choke and my throat closes up.
Another point to make for me though is that when I have eaten I feel disgusting. I feel dizzy, nauseus, spaced out etc. I wonder if I am allergic to something very common thats in most foods. I keep thinking I should have food allergy testing done.
Heavy meals are not good for anxiety suffer'ers IMO. I notice that after eating a big meal~I sometimes will feel hyped up. I am one of those who sees an increase in my BP after a meal rather than a decrease which most people report. Certain foods also can increase our blood sugar too which may lead to an increase in anxiety. What beverage do you drink with your meals? For me~I love iced tea~but it will send my heart racing :eek: I only drink decaff tea and coffee and soda. Your surroundings can affect you also. Eating in loud busy restaurants can make one nervous. I much prefer a quiet meal at home and take out is nice too! Hope I helped some.
take care~RR
I have got to the stage where I cant eat with the family. I have to eat totally alone. Restaurants have been a no go zone for years.
I have even tried relaxation prior to eating but it doesnt help. I have dropped coffee completely and did see a benefit though it was temporary. I am drinking chamomile tea and water mostly.
I am also a fan of chamomile tea, and water. It helps me to relax; and i'm pretty much scared to try anything else, incase I react with it etc.

My eating is fine to be honest; except I got a very strange hunger strike in the middle of the night a couple nights ago. Felt like I could eat a giraffe!
I definietly get eating anxiety, but that's because I am emetophobic. I am ok with eating at home as long as I don't overeat, but eating out can sometimes turn into a nightmare fo rme, especially if I am with anyone other than my husband. I am so worried about throwing up in public that my body starts to feel anxious and nauseous, then I panic. Of course, I can't eat at that point! It sucks. I have to take a Xanax every time I go anywhere for dinner.
I always feel like im having a attack as soon as i eat. I have suffered from anxiety for 12yrs and just in the past 5 started feeling that when i eat it stops at the ribs and my heart feels like it is going to jump out of my chest. I dont go out to eat in public because of this I thought I was just worried about weight gain or just had eating disorder but I have lost alot of weight only weigh 115 and still happens to me. I will go all day at work and not eat so I dont have to deal with it. I am on klonopin and it helps some but dont want to eat at all most of the time. :bouncing:

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