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Re: Blushing
May 24, 2006
Hi ggain

No I can't really say there is a specific time. Alot of people have taken the micky out of me over the years though. Some people can be so cruel and don't realise how awful it is to blush. Once my bf and I went to a party and I blushed over something quite trivial (as I do). Everybody was laughing because of how red I was and then the joker of the group seemed to make it his goal to make me blush as much as he could. It was horrible, my face neck and chest were bright red. I even strarted to sweat and feel clammy. It was horrible.

I think my problem stem's from the fact that I have always been quite underconfident. My parents were insanely critical of me as a child and this resulted in me being very introvert and shy. I have always struggled to make friends because I can't relax when I meet a new person. I am always anxious they will judge me or not like me.

Like you, I have been told I am attractive but I am sure they don't think this when all they have to do is look at me and I go like a beetroot. I really want to get this problem sorted. I will let you know how I get on with the books I have ordered. I have never suffered from OCD but I do have a perfectionist personality. I have extremley high expections of myself and feel distraught when I don't achieve them. I have had some eating problems, although I am managing to control this now after reading a great self help book.

Even though I wouldn't wish this blushing problem on anyone, it is nice to speak to someone in a similar situaation. I always feel like the weirdo that blushes when all you do is look at her!!

Lets hope we can get over this.


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