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I have been taking Zoloft for about a month now starting at 25mg and working up,just took 100mg last night. The depression is about gone but it hasn't made a dent in my morning anxiety. Does it work on the depression first and then help the anxiety in anyone who has taken it's opinion? I figure I'll give 100mg two weeks and then revisit the med and try Lexapro. I have a wierd type of anxiety...not related to any event and as consistent as clockwork...morning bad, noon starts to let up, night...gone. Maybe it's not the type of anxiety that Zoloft helps. I've had the same exact symptoms for two years....after four major a year.
Thanks for the replies and the info on lexapro. In terms of the anxiety, the morning anxiety is my anxiety. It hits every morning, wakes me up and get worse if I don't stop it with a xanax. Then at about 1:00 I can feel it creeping up again, no matter what I'm doing. Again, it will get worse if I don't stop it. Then, nothing. The world could come to an end at night and I wouldn't get anxious. It is a very strange thing and started one morning almost two years ago as I was coming off MS Contin for pain and has not let up since. I think it is related to hormones but can't get a doc interested enough to find out, so I will give in and try an AD. The xanax works well, but I was starting to get depressed about the whole thing, thus the AD. The depression was mild and is pretty much gone already, but the anxiety is exactly the same. I have had four major operations in the past four years, another scheduled for October. They might have had something to do with it too! Thanks for being interested.

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