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May 25, 2006
Right, where do i start?

Anxiety is something i never thought existed, a made up excuse for people to avoid doing things.

Well, how wrong was i? At a soccer match about two months ago i was standing with my friend in the queue for a drink and suddenly felt this bolt like feeling that made me want out of there asap! We went back to our seats but still i never felt right and went home early and sat in the bath worrying what was wrong, i never leave football early.

A few weeks later, whilst having a stressful day at work, i was sitting doing paperwork and a coleague was talking to me. i could just feel my heart beating faster, i went bright red and was pinching my cheek to which i couldnt feel anything. I felt dizy and stood up to go to the toilet to escape and my legs felt like jelly. When i got to the toilet i loked into the mirror and i was white as a ghost and asking myself out loud what the hell is wrong with me.

After an hour or so i returned to normal, still shaken and scared, but 'normal'. I started to rsearch on the net and anxiety jumped out at me and all my symptoms kinda tied up with it.

for days, weeks i tried to get on with it. i went to visit friends one day and was dreading it. I got to their house and almost immediately made my excuses and drove home as fast as possible to again sit in the bath and worry.

This has gotten worse over the past weeks to the point i barely leave the house. these feelings come on suddenly, fast heart beats, mild chest pain, funny feeling in my eyes, slight dizziness etc. At first i was worried about a life threatining illness, in fact i still worry about it every second of every day. Ive not been to the doctor yet because i am someone who tries to diagnose myself, wrong i know but thats the way i am!

My question is this. Do my symptoms sound like anxiety or do they highlight something more sinister? Today so far I have convinced myself that i was in the final stages of lung cancer, i had severe heart disease, i had HIV, stomach cancer, bowel cancer, a brain tumour to name a few.

However, sometimes i sit and wonder if my symptoms are all in my head? I wonder if i actually am having physical symptoms at all or if im just overreacting to things that are normal for my body and making my mind think something is wrong.

.Whatever it is, please tell me your symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and give any advice on the subject you can. I know you will say see the doc, which i will do asap. But any help in the meantime would be appreciated. I just want to feel normal again, go out and socialise and not be scared to go places i might suffer these feelings and need to rush home

Finally, that episode at work is the only time i think ive had a panic attack but i feel constantly on edge all the time since. I am determined to beat this disease, whatever it is thats wrong with me. In fact, im just gonna laugh any time i get these feelings and see what happens, in theory okay but when they happen im sure ill be petrified!!! :)

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