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For the past 2 years i have suffered anxiety through alcohol.
It first started when 1 night i got really drunk and went to bed fine... only to wake up the next morning feeling really anxious. I thought getting out of bed and get busy would help but went to get a drink of water and my heart started pounding and i felt ill.

I lay down for the day and had a strange sensation in my left arm and i felt very weak. The next day i felt fine but as i was on holiday in ireland i was getting the ferry home and the sea was rough so i started drinking and had a few pints and again i felt fine until i woke up the next morning. Strange feeling in my left arm, racing heart and general unwell.

My partner took me to a&e and they put me on monitors and i stayed in the cardiac unit overnight... everything apart from my pottasium level came back normal.

Not sure if this was anxiety or not but these days if i have a couple of beers in the afternoon and feel slightly merry and stop drinking then later i will have major panic issues, i have to keep myself busy.

Also if i have 5 or more cans of lager in a night then when i wake in the morning i have more major panic issues, at this point i would need to take a valium and a couple of kalms. I smoke cigarettes and if i was to have one the morning after the anxiety would start the process off.

As mentioned before about meds being the cause, i don't generally take any meds for my anxiety anymore so this is not the case for me.

I think it could just be a hangover and put that together with anxiety (how we notice every feeling in our body and blow it out of proportion) this gives us the feelings we experience. Not sure about the chemical explanation on the subject but could be worth looking into

Hope this has helped SirPhish :confused:

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