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Hi Anxious
be patient with the remeron ( mirtazepine) go back to half of 15 for a while it can take weeks to work the dose up, you gradually will get used to it
the xanax will help but if sedated by the remeron, beware of extra sedation from the xanax, especially when working
remeron has a common side effect of encouraging compulsive eating which can be put to good use

for most people a dose of xanax only lasts a few hours, try to build up a stash of it as it can be difficult to get

its sadly typical for starting a new antidepressant to make it difficult to stay at work, something many docs dont take into account , also IMO these antidepressant meds are often overprescribed, xanax and CBT would be an alternative if the remeron eventually doesnt work for you
It took a good month for the fog to clear

take care

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