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Lexapro and Anxiety
May 28, 2006
Hey Everyone!
This is my first post and I am happy to be here.
Here is my story...

About a year ago my best friend suddenly died. There has been no evidence of how she died but it has affected my life so much. I have had terrible anxiety. Not so much attacks but so much of not being able to concentrate at work, dizzy spells ( walking and feeling very off balance all the time ), sweating, not eating, sleeping all the time ( a little depression ), chest pains, heart palpations. etc.. It scared me sooo much that this was happening. I got more anxiety thinking about it happening again. I'd be at work, or the mall and it would just come on and I have never been this way ever before.

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me Zoloft. The first night I took it i was sick as a dog. I woke up with night sweats, dizzy, couldn't breathe, very nausea. But I kept on taking it. And it mellowed me out a lot. The only thing that I hated was the sexual side effect of not being able to reach orgasm. I would but it just take me a while and being 20 it's something I never dealed with before. After about 1-2 months I stopped taking it and my anxiety was gone!!! Then.........

It came back and worse then ever. I thought I was going to die! I am a very nervous person so when it happens it makes the anxiety even worse. I went back to the doctors and she prescribed me Effextor.. well 2 days after not being able to leave my house i was rushed to the hospital for extreme dehydration. So i stopped taking that..

I made an appointment to talk to a Pyscholgist and it has made me feel much better just talking about everything. But she thinks i still needed medicine so she prescribed me Lexapro.

Today is my 6th day on Lexapro and I feel wonderful. Much more calm and able to do much. I had bad side effects in the begining, headaches, dizzy, nausea, trouble sleeping. but it went away. The only thing is the sexual side effect of taking a while to ejacualte but it's just my work out for the day haha. I rather that then the anxiety..

Anyone else have the same medicine? Stories?

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