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Yeah, I have been dealing with the same sort of thing on the order of 3 years now... It is a horrible feeling. But all of the tests including an xray (to see if I have an enlarged heart), blood tests (cardiac enzymes and the like), EKG, even a holter monitor have all come back negative. They can't find anything wrong. The doctors say I am healthy as a horse, but I keep getting panic attacks. I'll wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, heart racing, not even feeling like I am inside my own body. Its given me quite the case of insomnia and an extreme fear of being alone, which I am every night because I scare off all my girlfriends with a panic attack or two. It kills your relationships because they just cannot deal with it. So, I bought a cat to keep me company. Sometimes I will get them at work, too. Every time I get one, I think, "is this it, is this the time my heart stops beating?" But it never happens and two hours after being woke up in this state, I fall back asleep.

As far as the pain goes, I don't really get pain as much as feelings of pressure. There is pressure in my chest, fleeting moments of pain, and sometimes more of a feeling of numbness over the rest of my body. I get really light-headed, too. I have experienced the kinds of pains you are describing on occasion, but for the most part it is the numbness...oh and an extreme cold that starts at my feet and radiates all the way up my entire body. I get so cold that the house can be warm -- I can be warm -- and in an instant, my feet, then a sweeping current of cold will run through my body. At this point, I have to get up and do something like put on my sweats, house shoes, robe, anything I can put on. Then I have to find someone to talk to if at all possible. If that is not possible, I have to go outside. These are the worst forms of panic attack for me.

Its scary because these symptoms we describe are all symptoms of heart attack and stroke. I sometimes wonder what will happen if I ever really do have a heart attack or stroke? Will I know the difference?

This feeling is the absolute incarnation of hell. Sometimes I wonder if I am already dead and if this is my punishment. But on a bright note, they do come less often now and with less severity. I guess after a while, you start to realized that you aren't going to die. It is a thought in the back of your mind every time you have a panic attack, but based on past experience, I can rationalize myself to a relative calm compared to the way it used to happen. I expect that over the coming years, it can only get better. Hope this helps.

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