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For all these posts i have posted throughout different threads im sure some of you that see my name are thinking "oh no here she goes again"

Heres my story....

About a month and a half ago i was on meds for headaches which had a side effect of anxiety i later found out.

Well i didnt know that until i researched it and then had this overwelming fear that i was gonna die from something. After the certain "fear" i had a test done and it was negative "twice" then i started having this weird pinching feeling in my chest shoulder and arms i thought i was having a heart attack pains were mild and accompanied by "burping" so i labeled it as gas or gerd or something. it happened after a bad night of heartburn a week ago. well the day after the heartburn i went ER and had suspicious pains checked out by a EKG and chest xray and all was normal.
I felt better after that until i got to thinking about how i have had heart flutters for the past 4 years and am just NOW being concerned about them.
i WAS a huge caffeine drinker. never drank water. i quit all caffeine last tuesday. flutters have diminsihed a bit. but i still feel them randomly maybe one or 2 during day and 2 at night when laying down. i have NO pain with them or anything and like i said it only happens a couple times a day.
My aunt died at a young age from a heart disorder (they say) i remember she was only 28 or 29 and it was in her sleep ( she had a lot of trouble. was a bit of a drinker and i remember her taking a lot of sleeping pills and at one time she overdosed on something because she wanted to die) so i dont know if any of those problems resulted to her heart giving out.
But thats my latest fear. im afraid when im home with my kids that im just gonna drop over dead or die driving or something. i dont know how to get past this all. My headaches have gotten better which i think were caused by SO much caffeine. but the fluuter feeling comes and goes and i get this scared feeling all over. so i dont know what comes first. the strange feeling causing the flutter or the flutter causing the strange feeling.
I have no insurance yet (hopefully this week) so i havent had an mri or anyting yet but i do wake up in odd positions with my neck which could result to headaches also. These troubles are consuming my life. My mom gets those flutters too and i know shes been checked all out and her heart is ok. and by my EKG and chest xray the dr told me im ok too. but no further testing had been done. I really dont want medication to help me get past all this but is this what anxiety does? is this what is going on with me or could be serious health problems? I just wish i could get my aunts heart disorder out of my head!

Can anyone relate to this? or give me words of advice?

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