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Fed Up With This
Jun 6, 2006
:mad: ok i did great for 2 weeks after getting fired, had little to no anxiety. now all of a sudden i cant hardly function i feel SICK!!! i feel tired, worried to death about nothing, not happy at all, off and on faint feelings, just ill and very anxious. i feel like my mind is cluttered or im going crazy? i just took a klonopin hoping it will either sedate me or make me feel better, the dr's say im fine after every test known to man. saw my psy/thearpist the week before last and told her i was doing super, boy today would be different!! im broke and have zero insurance so a dr is out of the question, i still have maybe 5 weeks of lexapro on hand, thought about starting back on it?? my wife is getting fed up with me, i am pretty much to myself and our conversations only consist of my stinking problems.i dont know if im depressed or in a ongoing state of anxiety? i have been exercising 20 min a day regardless of how i feel, cant see where its helping. i just feel miserable!!i cant seem to clear my mind about how i feel if that makes sense? ive tried some of my relaxation tapes although i find it hard to finish the whole thing. im just a ball of complaining today or venting to someone other than my wife. any help feedback, ideas would be helpful. thanks hyper 79,
hey thanks dinney, i havnt been looking for work yet, kinda lost my job due to this "anxiety" i was disqualified for unemployment for 8 weeks for getting fired even though i was under medical care, our wonderful state laws. i thought the stress of the job was a big part of my condition, not really sure now? im "was" hoping to use this time in a wise manner and try to find myself and do some recovering from this. i did find out my old job is still there for me, boss is pretty nice, he wanted to try to buy me some time to get better from my problems. ive been doing alittle on ebay, just dont have the pep to do more.i do find a mile or so walk or some jogging does help, i have more energy afterwards but i try to find my way out of it, too hott, may rain, but i still do it seems i dont know how to explain but im putting myself in this state of mind "weird" the days i feel good, i feel like im cured or a problem never existed, untill days like ive had this week.
Well sounds like you are giving it all that you have to give right now. WHen I first started this anxiety "nightmare", I would get so stressed I would have to walk out of the office and thank God after visiting with my boss about my problem, he was very, very understanding and I kept my job (been here 28 yrs) but sometimes I think that is my problem being here too long. I blame my anxiety on everything I can think of and did go through a horrible divorce, lost my dad, brother and a sister, money problems so guess I did have reasons but none now that I can pinpoint. I know the exact feeling of NO energy, really don't care and am more at peace when I am at home ALONE. Keep talking to people and I wish you the very, very best. Check into places you can go for help (medical/counseling) that are state funded, there are places you can go for free. So nice visiting with you and trust me I KNOW what you are dealing with... :wave:

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