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Let me start off by saying I am a 20 year old male, and I also have a slight case of ADHD. Here's my problems:

After going to college for 3 years, and not being able to graduate due to poor grades, my health insurance is almost gone. Now my parents told me I have to get a part time job to cover the insurance. My insurance was covered while I was attending college (which was right after graduating high school), so there was no problem until I failed both colleges. My problem is that i'm very afraid of working around/with other people, and for this reason I have been avoiding work for many years. When i'm around people (even just going to a store) I get really nervous (fast heart beat,sometimes light headed,sweating,shaking,stuttering) I'm not social because of this too, and I only have one friend. I dont go to clubs or anything where normal people my age go. My whole life I have been teased,tormented,and regected, so this is nothing new. I never had a girlfriend either...There is no way I will be able to work feeling severe anxiety each time I would have to go in. Just looking for a job today got me really scared, I couldnt even go into the store and ask for an application, which is why I joined here. I was so scared and I got really depressed because my Dad was with me and I could see his anger and frustration at me. Last night I did not sleep well because I knew I had to look for a job today, and last night I had an upset stomach. My parents are mad, and my family is mad. They are fed-up with me and are really angry, they think i'm lazy and not even trying (but in a way its because they care). Everytime I see my grandparents all they ask is if im looking or have a job, even when they call on the phone, I have 2 sets of grandparents, so it's a constant annoyance... My parents do the same everyday! I'm almost 21 so I tend to ignore them when they downgrade me, sometimes they treat me like a baby and think they are always right. I really dont care because getting a job is my worst fear, and I want to avoid it at all costs. As of August this year my health insurance is gone, and my parents already said they are not paying insurance for me, I have to get a job, they say thats the only answer. Now if I cant i dont know whats going to happen? When my parents get real mad they say their signing me up for the military, offcourse I would never sign up to go, so they can forget it, thats not my thing. I have tried going to a counselor and psycho-analyst for my anxiety and fear of social situations, but none of them helped at all. I am not on medication.

My other problem is that i'm also afraid of driving. Each time i get into the car i sweat,get nervous, and my legs shake. I dont concentrate that well (probably due to the ADHD), so getting in the car makes me feel unsafe. Because of this I hardly drive. Once again my parents say i'm lazy and a baby because of the driving. I dont like to drive in the night, or anything more than 5 minutes away. I have almost hit another car multiple times because of those lights with the green arrows, I dont turn quick enough when I got the arrow, i guess im over cautious. Anyway I just get very scared when i have to drive.

I have a tendancy to turn my right foot sideways while driving, so i'm actually pressing the break and gas pedal at the same time. This is probably one of the reasons why I dont trust myself driving, i'm afraid i'll hit the gas when I need to break, or vice versa. My car seats are at the same eye level as me so looking to my left while switching lanes is a big problem for me.

So thats my problems.

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