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Dilated pupils?
Jun 7, 2006
Does anxiety cause dilated pupils? I have teddy bear eyes when I'm feeling really anxious... of course, I still can't figure out if it is true anxiety or a physical symptom causing the anxiety. I also sometimes notice I have bilateral mydriasis at times (basically one eye is more dilated than the other). Anyone get horrible body aches also and have received relief from meds? I've been having health issues, and am trying to find what's going on. It's caused me alot of anxiety and even panic attacks which I now have learned how to control by actually making myself have them and realizing that I am the one making them come on, not that I am dying or anything like that. Problem with the health issues, which I know I have, I can't tell which symptoms are from the health problems or from the anxiety... I'll list my symptoms and see which sound common to just anxiety:

out of it feeling, though not always and can't find a trigger
strange burning/electric sensations in my legs/arms/body sometimes
horrible pain in chest, back, muscles, joints
slow gastric emptying
tingling in head/pins and needles
temple aches and headaches
FREEZING cold hands at times (can this really be anxiety? vasoconstriction?)
sensitivity to light and sound and hypersensitivity to pain, like just sitting on a hard surface makes my butt ACHE or leaning my leg up against something hard causes intense pain easily, just poking my ribs causes intense pain also (I know with anxiety problems pain thresholds are lowered quite dramatically, or maybe fibro? Is fibro psychological?)
horrible intensified doppler effect
dizziness especially when standing up real quick
memory loss
hard to concentrate
find it hard to laugh or be happy because of constant worry about health
several others...

I guess after exhausting many medical options (cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist), I'm considering psychosomatic causes and going on meds, but all the anxiety meds I've heard seem to CAUSE anxiety... I mean anti-depressants do atleast... I don't know about the benzo's, but man are they addictive... I know I've become depressed and very scared about my health, which is causing the anxiety, so feeling not depressed would help I'm sure.. but from what I've read, the meds can cause anxiety... I also have sinus arrhythmia and I know tricyclics can cause even more arrhythmia... oh what to do...I'm still not convinced it's not something physical also..because sometimes I am relaxed and don't feel like I should be anxious and still have the physical symptoms...

can they test for low serotonin levels to tell if it is psychosomatic? I mean, would a low serotonin level be definitive of depression/anxiety? Not just psychological analysis?

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