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Therapy does help, at least it helps for me, of course you can't depend on the therapist to solve your problems but they help you see things in ways you might not have thought of. As for the medicine I had the same side effects with Zoloft so I switched to Lexapro, but I still think I'm not back to my total self sexually, but you'll get through it. My biggest issue besides worrying about everything and getting anxious all the time is feeling like no one understands and how anxiety affects my appetite so I've lost weight, so much that my family wants me to go to a nutritionist. Aside from that, I think therapy does help. My psychiatrist even allows my boyfriend to go with me every other time so that he gives his opinion and I give mine, this way there is someone who is specialized in anxiety to tell both of us what anxiety is so that my boyfriend also understands it. It's hard for someone who doesn't suffer from anxiety to fully understand, they just tell you not to think or move on, forget it, you're doing this to yourself...easier said than done, that's why I think therapy is helpful, and like one of the people said as well as my psychiatrist,,,you have to feel comfortable with the Dr. or else it's just a waist of time,,,you both have to feel ok with each other and you have to be able to be open with that person, that alone is a big help.

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