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I'm on my 5th day of Lexapro (10mg) and wow what a ride. It actually made my anxiety worse at times. Right now I take it at 2pm everyday and I have some terrible insomnia and wake up and feel spaced out. Am I better off taking it at night before bed? Can I start taking it lat night tomorrow, or do I have to do it slowly (an hour each day)?

Also, how many days until the main side effects go away? Insomnia, night sweats, slightly spacey feeling, anxiety...... I just want them to go away.
I take 20mg each morning as my Dr. asked me to. At first I felt spaced out, even my boyfriend said it seemed like i was out of it, but then it got better, not better enough because 10mg wasn't enough so now i'm at 20mg and it seems to help in ways, in other ways i still feel anxious and not normal. I worry constantly and wonder why it's happening to me.

Like my father says, sometimes you have to be your own doctor and see when it's best for you to take. If it helps you calm down, take it at night so you get a good night's rest. I take mine in the morning and it's still a struggle to stay awake because I take Clonazepam also so it's a double case of tiredness. My boss even cought me asleep in my office embarrasing is that. Let me know how you make out with it...I switched from Zoloft to Lexapro about 2 months ago and I'm ok with it,,there are certain things medicine can't fix which i wish it could, we have to do our part to get better, but i'm slacking in that department.. :(

Hope you feel better.

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