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I understand your missery.I too was obsessed with thinking there must be a heart problem.I get left arm,shoulder pains off and on.I also get left sided facial numbness sometimes.A few small chest pains at times........and I get the heart palps skips,flutter,quivers,pauses,thumps they come and go.
I agree with SRmom sounds like your heart is healthy and you should try and keep the focus on losing the wieght and getting fit.I think if you reach your goal you probably wont worry so much about your heart anymore.Know this....millions of people have heart palpitations and they are almost always benign! They happen to pretty much everyone some just notice them more or have them more often.I have had my heart feel like it paused on me for about 20 seconds before scared the heck out of me but I was fine.I have been told my heart is fine too.
I now speed walk 3 miles almost everyday I do get worn kinda of easy but im just starting to get back in shape so that happens.Let me tell you to exercising has helped my with the anxiety a GREAT deal.Exercise relieves stress which in turn relieves anxiety and you feel like your accomplishing something too when your pants start getting bigger on you.You have already lost a good amount of weight keep it up it will keep your mind busy!

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