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Read the posts about the benefit of taking to hear from you, any side effects? Thanks so much..
A couple of the posts you read were mine. I haven't had any side affects. Its well worth trying. I take the combo capsules - calcium 1,000 mg, magnesium 400 mg, and zinc 15 mg. They apparently compliment one another, thus the reason they're combined. There are many posters on another website who think highly of magnesium. Mostly they mention benefits relating to heart function (lessening of palpitations, etc.) anxiety levels, as well as GERDS.
SteveGN~thanks for the info. So you can find one pill that has all 3 ingredients in them ? I am seriously wanting to give it a try and pray that it will help me with the anxiety/palps. Just so "freaky" about pills/side effects as they ALL seem to bother me. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.
I've been taking a combo that has equal amount of calcium to magnesium. 1000 mgs. of each. I take 500 in the am and 500 before I go to bed. I do find it takes the "edge" off. Especially the am dose.

I tried taking just a magnesium supplement alone, but was worried I was screwing up my calcium needs.
Magnesium is not a pill but a vitamin that comes naturally in food. It's not really something you can over dose on, and you will get signs that you are taking too much, such as runny stools. Don't fret about taking mag... it's very safe and might be one of the best things you do :)
from what I've read.. too much magnesium can hurt you... just like too much of anything... here is a good article:

I used to work for holland and barrett and from what i can remember the best supplements to take for anxiety are B vitamins, especially B12, i think. It was a while ago so i'm trying to remember. I cant really remember much about mag tho. Sorry
Lena 33:

Sorry I know that magnesium is a vitamin, just referred to it as a pill. Thank you for your input and will start taking it with the calcium today, started with 250 mg. once a day just a couple of days ago. It is sure worth a try.

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