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Is this anxiety?
Jun 15, 2006
Hi...A few weeks ago I was driving with my 2 young children in the car. All of the sudden I got lightheaded and had a fluttering in my chest. Right after that I got a headache. I went to the doc that afternoon tell her I though I had another sinus infection. She said it was probably my migraines coming back and gave me Imetrex to try. I hated it, it barely helped. She seemed unconcerned about the fluttering/dizziness.

The fluttering/dizzy happened a couple more times in the next couple weeks..once at Target...mostly at home. Last Friday night I was getting ready to go to a dinner w/dh and my son really ticked me off...I immediately got the fluttering and the dizziness happened twice and we went to the er instead of out to dinner (bummer!).

My blood pressure (which had been creeping up since that first episode) was 168/119! I was urged to stay and see a doctor there, but it would be a 4+hour wait and my kids needed to get to bed. The next day I called my doc to let her know what my bp had been and she sent me to the store to check it on my own. It was down a little to 153/110, but she put me on atenolol to see how I did on it.

So now it's 6 days into it...I haven't been seen to have my bp checked yet, we're waiting for blood test results to rule out underlying causes of the high bp. But...I am much more relaxed, less stressed out and feel generally better being on atenolol. I hadn't realized that it was also an anti-anxiety medication.

Anyway...that's my story in a nutshell (a long one, sorry). I'm wondering...should I keep assuming that my dizziness and the fluttering were anxiety? Now it's down to a very light flutter once in a while, but no dizziness at all. No other symptoms of panic attacks, but they seem to run in my family. My mom and my great-aunt both get them very badly. Oh...I'm 35 and hopefully otherwise healthy.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, I know it got long. My doctor just doesnt' seem to worry about this,and I am, which isn't helping anything. I'm hoping for some help from those of you who know it first hand.

I am taking magnesium and it seems to really help...

thanks, Tiffany

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