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Hi, I'm new to the health boards and while looking for something
to help my son, this post caught my eye. I too have had the
stress tests and my heart checks out fine. I've actually been wakened
by tightness in my chest (not esophegus) and a couple times a heavy
pressure on my chest. When it was bad I took anxiety meds (Paxil worked
for me..very low dosage, but everyone's different). When the source of
the stress went away, I stopped the meds. My worst fear is dying from
a heart attack and leaving my son alone (no other family), that the doctors
are missing something. One doctor did say that with stress
the arteries can spasm and that would cause my symptoms but fatality
from this is pretty rare. Of course that's all I need to hear to get more
scared. I was scared enough that I'd read angina and heart attacks often
strike when sleeping. The GOOD NEWS: Ok, what helps me and tells me that the doctors are right, it's not a heart condition is that when this tightness in my chest wakes me up, a half a glass of red wine stops it right away. I red that the wine opens the arteries or something like that. Fortunately I rarely get this tightness in my chest in the daytime! But I do if I haven't had enough
sleep or am under a lot of stress. Those times I lie down and relax.
Swimming late in the day also helped a lot. I'm 49 and this started when I
was 30 (another reason the doctors say it's anxiety not heart disease) and
isn't getting worse. Just comes and goes with stress. But knowing there's
a slim chance of it being dangerous, I keep a bottle of wine in the house, and
I've learned to that having my back rubbed (deep massage) in the same
location as my heart only behind it in my back also will stop this pain. I bought
a back buddy at a yard sale that works pretty good.

Hope this helps...

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