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ohhhhhh ok well thats great to hear you dont have Lupus.I had no idea about that and I agree isince you do not have Lupus but you do have anxiety the doctor shouldnt have ever mentioned it.

I have went through the blood clot thing too.I was having left arm,shoulder,and chest pains for months and months off and on and I do have PVCs (premature ventricular contractions) where the heart skips and flutters etc sometimes.Anyway,I had blood work,ekg,chest xrays,stress test with echocardiogram.All came out good so I figured I just gotta except that I do not have a blood clot.I think if wasnt for the testing I may still be worrying about that now so it did give me some peace of mind.I have no idea what was causing those pains which I still get here and there...but I suspect stress as the cause.Stress and anxiety can cause all kinds of weird sensations and feelings.One of my hands sometimes suddenly I wont be able to hardly feel that hand and then a few minutes later its as if I can actualy feel the blood rushing back into it....only way I know to describe it lol.
Anyway,if you havent had maybe an MRI or scan of your legs maybe see if you can get that because it could possibly ease your mind.

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