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ok this is the thing i feel lightheaded all the time and dizzy at times i thought it was anxiety buit im not so sure maybe u can come to a conclusion the ist time this all started my blood sugar was very very low which would explain y i had anxiety symptoms that day since ive bought a blood sugar monitor and have been testing for a couple of days for the most part its normal except sometimes when i wake up after not eating for along time its a little low but yet i still feel lightheaded all day i have an ovarian cyst that is supposedly ok and not a bad cyst i guess theyll keep an eye on it could an ovarian cyt make u lightheaded? im trying to figure this out i was tested for diabetes and i dont have it i may have a form of hypoglycemia not sure but my blood sugar hasnt been too bad but something obviously causewd it that day at doctor i also get the senastion of not being able to breath right even when im not under i have had alot of tests done including ekgs and a holter monitor and a head cat scan and an eeg no explainationi dont have anemia i even got my dam eyes checked cyst wise can that make u dizzy my cyst is only a little over an inch? please someone enlighten me
ya im taking the anti depressant citalopram once a day 20mg i started that almost 2 weeks ago and i still feel lightheaded i also have zanax as needed but will that help the lightheaded even if im not having anxiety symptoms? zanax makes me tired but i guess i always feel tired now anyway i dont know what to do to stop the dizzyness:dizzy: do u think its my depression / anxiety? do u even think i have depression or anxiety......i am worried about kindny trouble too becasue i have had blood in my urine off and on for 3almost 4 yrs i had a cystoscophy 3 yrs ago and it was normal but it burn when i pee at times and on ocassion ive had protien in my urine but that goes away my kidneys were ok 3 yrs ago ughhhhh i dont know waht to do i dont wanna keep calling the doc u know they get aggravated:blob_fire
Yes - i think the lightheadedness is your anxiety - cuz I get this too. I have also run the gammut of tests and my doc says it's anxiety. Two weeks on a med is not enough time to tell if it will work for lightheadedness or not. I'm assuming you had this before the meds??? If not, lightheadedness/dizziness could be a side affect. If you had it before, then it's most likely your anxiety. All I can tell you is that I too struggle with it and there's no quick fix. The best advice I can give you is to just try very hard not to think about it and don't let it get you down. Soon you'll learn to live with it and then one day you'll realize that your not dizzy any more. Mine comes and goes and I really haven't had that much trouble with it lately. Every day is a challenge but if you work really hard on accepting that it's anxiety, you will do yourself a lot of favors and hopefully get some relief. As for the blood in your urine - I'm assuming you've had all that checked out...??? Definitely not a normal anxiety symptom so if you need treatment for infection or whatever, please don't NOT call the doctor because you feel you are pestering him. He works for YOU, not the other way around. Never feel afraid to call them. I just flat out told my doctor that yeah - it may just be anxiety, but as long as the quality of my life suffers - I'll continue to seek his medical advice to solidify that it's just anxiety and nothing more. My doc is okay with this - if yours is not you may need a new doc. Hang in there - it WILL get better.

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