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A lot of people are showing good results taking magnesium on a daily basis for irregular heart beats, rapid heart rate, and other heart problems. Around 300 - 500 mg. a day seems to be the typical dosage. It is also helping to lessen the severity of their panic attacks. When I started taking magnesium, I noticed a difference in the severity of the attacks. My anxiety level lowered by simply knowing that the magnesium was making the attacks less severe, which in turn, helped to keep them away to begin with. Many test for magnesium show that a person has enough magnesium in their system, but the actual amount that is getting utilized is insufficient, thus the need for additional amounts. Its well worth trying. You can buy them with calcium and zinc which help the body to assimilate the magnesium. These supplements are also good for the nervous system. Magnesium has also shown to be good for acid reflux, IBS and many other problems. The book "The Miracle Of Magnesium" talks extensively about the benefits.

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